Ensenada is located 108 km south of the California border, just a 1 hour drive from Tijuana.  And people, if you still havent visited this beautifull port…  please reconsider your priorities!

Ensenada is known as the Mexican wine capital because of the Guadalupe Valley Wine Country which produces ninety percent of the country’s wine.   Aside from the excellent wine, Ensenada offers a wide variety of restaurants with great epic sea food, Mexican and mediteranian creations that will blow your mouth’s taste bud’s sky high.  Ah! And don’t forget to accompany delicious food with a good local beer!

Here is my personal opinion of the 6 best restaurants.  I’m a local.  I like beer and I eat out a lot so its up to you to try it, or not.

1.- Sea food »La concheria»

This place is located on the »Primera» street (1st Street) it’s located in the heart of the the touristic area so its easy to find.  The food is really good.  You can find ceviches, fresh shellfish, cocktails, fresh oysters, clams and wine from the Guadalupe Valley.

The prices are good and the food is excellent! This is a must if you like sea food as much as I do.

( Im sorry, Im not a normal local and I don’t think »La Guerrerense» is the best)


2.- El Rey Sol

This is a French Restaurant and its been around since 1947.  It’s actually an iconic place in Ensenada. The food here is based on a diverse menu of seafood, chicken, steak, Caesar salad prepared tableside and a few traditional Mexican dishes.

El Rey Sol is a breakfast hot spot among Ensenada locals and their daily freshly baked French Pastries are an absolute must!


3.- ‘La Ensenada Restaurant Baja California Cuisine.

This is a mediterranian restaurant with ingredients grown and produced from the Baja Norte region. I actually went there for dinner 2 days ago for the first time and I loved it. They also have local craft beer and a wine menu.

Order the drowned red wine mushrooms as an appetizer, its amazing!


4.- Ophelia Restaurant

This place is a little pricy but the food is worth it. The appetizers are excellent and they go well with their extencive wine menu.

The Diner menu is really good, and anything thats made with sea food is absolutely delicious.

This place is nice for a dinner date or a late afternoon lunch.


5.- El Charro

El Charro  is the epitome of a real Mexican food restaurant and its been around for a very long time. They offer an extensive menu with lots of »antojitos Mexicanos» (Mexican appetizers) and dinner plates full of mouth watering Mexican flavor! Their specialty is Rostisserie Chicken but I always go for the »Tampiqueña» its really good if you like steak!

I recommend margaritas before dinning.  Everytime I go I order one!

And for the traditional Mexican Carne Asada Tacos go to a taco stand.  Trust me, if a taco is more than 20 pesos its not a good taco!


6.-Puerto Nuevo

Puerto Nuevo is a well known and famous  place in Baja California. Its located on the Tijuana highway in between Rosarito and Ensenada.

Back in the day when fishermen went out to the sea to bring back fish to support their families, the wives of this small port would prepare meals with what ever the sea provided.  In those days and specifically in this port, Lobster was abundant so they would prepare it with beans, rice, and freshly made flour tortillas.

As the years went by, small restaurants started opening up in the port. And to keep the tradition (which makes this port so special) Lobster is still served to you with beans, rice and flower tortillas!

Don’t forget to order a Margarita or a very cold delicius beer to acompany your Puerto Nuevo Style Lobser!



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